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Plumber Advice on Sewer Issues

Sewer care is not just carried out by a licensed plumber. It is a daily maintenance chore for every household member. It is the responsibility of everyone at home since everyone uses water. Experts say homeowners should consciously keep their sewers in optimal condition so that it can function appropriately and would not wreak havoc on the household. 

Homeowners should take sewer maintenance seriously.

Periodic plumbing care though remains essential as these would confirm the current condition of the home sewer system. Through annual plumbing maintenance care, sewer issues get discovered and remediated right away before they cause significant plumbing trouble like flooding and water damage due to sewer back-ups. 

Ways to Avoid Sewer Issues

Sewer issues are mostly avoidable since human usage plays a huge role in its maintenance care. There are several ways to avoid sewer problems, and every household member should keep these measures in mind. 

One of the best and easiest ways to avoid sewer issues is by preventing clogs from occurring. Installing drain traps, refraining from throwing food particles down the drain, not pouring kitchen grease in the sink are ways to care for the kitchen drain, and consequently the sewer system. It is best to dispose of kitchen grease, food bits, and leftovers, as well as coffee, grinds in the trash bin and not in the drain. 

In the same breath, not abusing the toilet by flushing down hygiene products could help keep sewers well-maintained. Making the toilet as an extension of the trash bin could end up clogging the home sewer system. 

Outdated Water Systems 

An outdated plumbing system can also cause sewer back-ups and issues. Make sure that the water systems at home are all up to code to avoid highly expensive plumbing repairs concerning sewer troubles. Sump pump failure can likewise cause sewer troubles so it is essential to have a licensed plumber check the sump pump periodically. 

Signs of Sewer Troubles

A sign of a significant sewer issue is usually obvious to any homeowner. For instance, if two or more drains get clogged at the same time, it indicates that there is trouble in the sewer system. If this occurs at home, get in touch with an emergency plumber to immediately fix the issue before the issue becomes a full-blown home plumbing crisis.