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Plumber Advice on Sewer Issues

Sewer care is not just carried out by a licensed plumber. It is a daily maintenance chore for every household member. It is the responsibility of everyone at home since everyone uses water. Experts say homeowners should consciously keep their sewers in optimal condition so that it can function appropriately and would not wreak havoc on the household. 

Homeowners should take sewer maintenance seriously.

Periodic plumbing care by a San Diego plumbing company though remains essential as these would confirm the current condition of the home sewer system. Through annual plumbing maintenance care, sewer issues get discovered and remediated right away before they cause significant plumbing trouble like flooding and water damage due to sewer back-ups. 

Ways to Avoid Sewer Issues

Sewer issues are mostly avoidable since human usage plays a huge role in its maintenance care. There are several ways to avoid sewer problems, and every household member should keep these measures in mind. 

One of the best and easiest ways to avoid sewer issues is by preventing clogs from occurring. Installing drain traps, refraining from throwing food particles down the drain, not pouring kitchen grease in the sink are ways to care for the kitchen drain, and consequently the sewer system. It is best to dispose of kitchen grease, food bits, and leftovers, as well as coffee, grinds in the trash bin and not in the drain. 

In the same breath, not abusing the toilet by flushing down hygiene products could help keep sewers well-maintained. Making the toilet as an extension of the trash bin could end up clogging the home sewer system. Hiring a plumber to fix sewer issues is the best way rather than doing it on your own. Here are plumbing questions to consider before settling for a plumbing contractor.

Outdated Water Systems 

An outdated plumbing system can also cause sewer back-ups and issues. Make sure that the water systems at home are all up to code to avoid highly expensive plumbing repairs concerning sewer troubles. Sump pump failure can likewise cause sewer troubles so it is essential to have a licensed plumber check the sump pump periodically. 

Signs of Sewer Troubles

A sign of a significant sewer issue is usually obvious to any homeowner. For instance, if two or more drains get clogged at the same time, it indicates that there is trouble in the sewer system. If this occurs at home, get in touch with an emergency plumber to immediately fix the issue before the issue becomes a full-blown home plumbing crisis.  

Plumbing upgrades that make a home more wonderful

Home upgrades will always be comfortable, convenient, and wonderful. It makes things look better, easier to use, improves home life, and even increases the property’s real estate value. One of the upgrades homeowners could carry out in their homes are those related to their property’s plumbing systems.

There are several plumbing upgrades homeowners could have in their homes that would make their property even more wonderful to live in. This write-up will tackle how to hire a plumbing contractor and some, in the hopes of encouraging homeowners to go for better-looking, yet more efficient plumbing systems that could serve their family well. 

Piping upgrade

If the property was built more than 30 years ago and has yet to have piping repairs, then it is time to consider a major plumbing inspection to determine the condition of the piping systems. While iron pipes can last up to 80 years, copper pipes could last for 50, and galvanized steel could last between 2o to 50 years, the joints, fittings, and other moving components could wear out ahead of the pipe’s life expectancy.

Replacing the pipes and fixtures as needed ensures safer tap water, water consumption efficiency, and prevention of pipe leaks among other pipe-related issues. Moreover, it increases the property value since it prolongs the lifespan of the plumbing system. 

Water heater upgrade

Upgrading the water heater when it is due for replacement ensures that the home remains energy efficient and that there is an adequate supply of hot water, especially when it is needed the most. Inconveniences usually occur when the water heated is due for replacement – the water supplied in the tap could get discolored, become smelly, or have substances that could degrade the quality of the water supply. 

When the water heater is replaced, comfort and convenience are ensured, and at the same time property value gets increased. 

Eco-friendly plumbing fixtures

More and more manufacturing companies are producing eco-friendly plumbing fixtures like flow showerheads and faucets, and water-efficient toilets. If it is time to replace the toilet, then here are 3 common services for plumbers to surely help ease the household’s water consumption. What is good about upgrading into water-saving plumbing fixtures is that there is no need to replace fixtures that are still not due for replacements. There are contraptions sold in the market and home improvement stores that could easily be installed on faucets and showerheads to reduce water consumption. These include faucet aerators that mimic water pressure without using up too much water. This is environment friendly and at the same time, like other upgrades, eco-friendly plumbing systems increase the real estate value of the property. 

Garbage disposal unit

A home’s garbage disposal unit is usually based on the number of people in the household. When was the garbage disposal unit installed at home and how many adults were there then? If the answer is before the children became teenagers then it is high time to move on to a larger capacity garbage disposal unit that will ensure less jamming and more convenient kitchen clean-up. 

Installing a whole house filtration system

Some homes do not have consumable tap water and have to order bottled water regularly. This practice is not just inconvenient, It is also terrible to mother nature. The best way to go is to have a whole house water filtration system that ensures a potable water supply in every tap. Like other plumbing upgrades, this sure will increase the property value of any home.